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Remote Control Kayak Lighting Kit
  • Remote Control Kayak Lighting Kit

    Our new Kayak Kit with Remote makes it incredibly easy to add safety lighting to your kayak, canoe or paddle board. Two lights in marine-specific colors provide 360° lighting visible up to 2+ nautical miles.

    Our lights and mounts feature built-in rare-Earth magnets, allowing for quick and secure installation, all without drilling into your vessel. And our new wireless remote lets you easily control both lights with push of a button.

    • Micro Series Specs

      • Two Micro Series lights (Red/Green and White/White) are included in this kit.
      • This Kit allows the Micros included in the kit to be ran by a water proof remote control.  Multiple micro's can be linked to on remote.  *All functions of the the light can be controlled by the remote.
      • NEW – 25% brighter than the previous Micro version thanks to 14 LEDs.
      • NEW – 25% longer average run time due to larger lithium-ion battery.
      • NEW – Waterproof with an IP68 rating. Tested to keep water out while submerged in nearly five feet of water for 30 minutes.
      • NEW – Magnetic base mount (included) now features a tether attachment, allowing you to add additional security to your light. Tether sold separately.
      • Long-range Visibility – Rated visibility up to 3+ miles using high-powered LEDs.
      • 360° Lighting – 14 LEDs provide visibility on all sides, keeping you safe from all directions.
      • Magnet Mounting System – A built-in rare-Earth magnet (you know, the really strong ones) allows you to quickly attach the Micro to most metallic surfaces and works with all Guardian Angel mounts.
      • Work Light – A white work light on the front of Micros allows for hands-free work.
      • Top Light – Independently controlled light on the top of the Micro adds additional versatility.
      • Front/Rear controls – Front and Rear lights can be controlled independently.
      • Accessories – The Micro works with all Guardian Angel mounts and accessories, including many for sports and other activities.
      • Four Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High & Max.
      • SOS Flash Pattern – Quick button hold sets device to SOS flash mode, ideal for emergency situations when you need to highlight your location